The International Society for Diatom Research (ISDR) promotes diatom studies throughout the world. Its goal is to facilitate the exchange of information between diatom experts by:

  • publishing results in its journal Diatom Research
  • organizing biennial conferences and
  • publishing conference proceedings

Membership of the ISDR is open to all. Personal subscription is currently £40 per year, students can apply for an introductory discount (more …)

Members receive the international journal Diatom Research which is published online first and printed twice yearly; papers are also available online.

Please register in order to get free access (more …)

The Society holds its International Meeting (IDS) at different venues throughout the world and is open to all interested persons; it includes the general meeting of the Society’s members. Each IDS produces conference proceedings with highly topical and refereed papers (most recent proceedings have been published as journal special issues). The next international meeting will be held in Quebec City from 21-26th August 2014. Further information is available here