ANSP Diatom New Taxon File - Digitisation of Dr Ruth Patrick's 'New Species File'

As many of you already heard at this year's IDS, the "New Species File" that Dr. Ruth Patrick established at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia ~50 years ago is being digitized. We are happy to announce that by now about 70% of this  card catalogue is displayed online at This online resource called "ANSP Diatom New Taxon File" (or DNTF) currently covers about 2/3 of diatom taxa names established between 1933 and 2014. After scanning the rest of existing cards, we are planning to maintain this file in electronic form and link it to the future repository of diatom names and other online indices of algal/diatom names.

Another news is that our current collection manager, Jana Vesela, is moving back to her native Czech Republic. Jana actually spearheaded the digitization of DNTF and did many other great things to organize our collection. Our new collection manager is Alison Minerovic. Please, send your Herbarium-related inquiries and requests to this email address:

Happy Holidays and New Year to all!

Marina Potapova