The Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland - now online

The Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland is a major project aiming to compile a web-based diatom flora and comprehensive taxonomic review of diatoms from freshwater, brackish and subaerial habitats in the British Isles. The project involves much original research on problematic groups, and description of new species.

The website aims to support researchers, students and professionals with an interest in diatom taxonomy, systematics, ecology and biogeography as well as the wider freshwater ecology community.

Approximately 2800 species of freshwater diatoms have been recorded from Britain and Ireland, but many of these have been recorded only rarely. We aim to document most of the commoner species encountered during water quality assessments within the first few years but will also gradually add species encountered rarely, or living in protected or hard-to-reach habitats. Additionally we will display images of type material once they have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

The website is therefore a work in progress and 51 genera and 140 species have been added to date. We will add a least 80 taxa in 2017/2018 and again in 2018/2019. In 2017 we will add a glossary section to the website, along with ecological information for selected species.

We welcome contributions from colleagues, whether from the British Isles or abroad, and will acknowledge those who have contributed on the website.

You can find the website at