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Online International Diatom Symposium 2021

Mark your calendars for IDS 2021, and stay posted for updates to the program.

Young ISDR

Book review: The Amazing World of Diatoms

Review on the beautiful, bilingual book titled The Amazing World of Diatoms. Great recommendation to share the beauty of diatoms with experts and non-experts.

Diatom Of The Month

Gomphonema clevei, oxygen and Lake Tanganyika, Africa

If anything is well known about Lake Tanganyika, it is its enormous volume, length, and depth. Yet, much less is known about the lake’s ecological history and the potential of diatoms to decipher it. The East African rift lake is the longest and second deepest lake in the world, containing about 16% of the world’s […]

The International Society for Diatom Research (ISDR) promotes the study of marine, freshwater, modern and fossil diatoms across the wide range of disciplines of biology, geology, paleoecology, cell metabolism, cell biology, metabolomics, nanotechnology, forensics, systematics, nomenclature, taxonomy, and biogeochemistry. Our society represents investigators from all nations.


  • hold biennial, international conferences
  • support young scientists
  • offer travel funding to attend conferences
  • publish an international journal, Diatom Research
  • connect people around world to the amazing roles of diatoms


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