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Special General Meeting of the International Society for Diatom Research

There will be a short (30 minutes) Special General Meeting of the International Society for Diatom Research on Thursday 2 December 2021 to pass a resolution to transfer ISDR to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This change in structure of the International Society for Diatom Research will have no effect on the activities of the Society but will […]

Young ISDR

Q&A Session. Career in diatoms

  Save the date! On December 3rd we will have a Q&A all about a career in diatoms. When: Friday, December 3rd at 8h (EST), 13h (CET), 14h (CAT), 17:30n (IST) and 21h (JST). Further information in the attached powerpoint. Who: Where: Zoom (link to be shared after filling in the form) If you have any questions, consider […]

Diatom Of The Month

Diatom of the Month October 2021 – Better Together: Rhopalodiaceae team up with nitrogen-fixing bacteria to survive in freshwaters with low nutrients

Nitrogen is required for all living organisms to build proteins and nucleic acids (such as DNA and RNA). However, while nitrogen in its gaseous form makes up approximately 78% of our atmosphere, nitrogen is the most limiting nutrient in many environments, including about 75% of the ocean (Bristow et al. 2017). This is because most […]

The International Society for Diatom Research (ISDR) promotes the study of marine, freshwater, modern and fossil diatoms across the wide range of disciplines of biology, geology, paleoecology, cell metabolism, cell biology, metabolomics, nanotechnology, forensics, systematics, nomenclature, taxonomy, and biogeochemistry. Our society represents investigators from all nations.


  • hold biennial, international conferences
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  • publish an international journal, Diatom Research
  • connect people around world to the amazing roles of diatoms


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