Each participant receives two prepared permanent slides. The samples are taken from a lowland lake in northern Germany and from a stream in the Central German Highlands. The results will be submitted in a predefined excel table. The template will include a list of taxa together with their associated most recent German data processing number (dv-numbers). Each participant will receive detailed instructions together with the permanent slides. Participation in the intercalibration exercise will cost 250 € (net) + 47.20 € (19% VAT), i.e. 297.50 € gross. There will be no workshop. Dr. Krisztina Buczko (Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest), Prof. Dr. Bart Van De Vijver (Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium) and Dr. Carlos E. Wetzel (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, LIST, kindly taken over from Dr. Luc Ector *1962-2022) agreed to function as auditors.

Time schedule:
Registration deadline:                   31. August 2022
Mailing of permanent slides:         October 2022
Deadline for submitting counts:     31. January 2023
Mailing of certificates:                    April 2023
Report:                                           August 2023

Registration: Please send a binding email to me, containing your name, affiliation and address. Each participating person will receive an individual certificate, not the affiliation (laboratory or facility). If more than one person of the same affiliation want to participate, than each person needs to register individually.

The Research Group Diatoms at the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin
Freie Universität Berlin:
Dr. Nélida Abarca, Wolf-Henning Kusber and Dr. Jonas Zimmermann


In co-operation with Dr. Mirko Dreßler (University of Rostock and University of Greifswald) and Dr. Petra Werner (translator