Join us!

We are a scientific society with the goal of bringing together and supporting all those interested in diatoms. Whether you are an amateur, professional, technician, researcher, consultant, student, academic, or retired, we welcome you to our organization. We aim to increase awareness of the role ad importance of diatoms among scientists and the general public and to encourage research across fields of ecology and paleoecology, systematics and evolution, biomonitoring, biotechnology, physiology and molecular biology. We publish the journal, Diatom Research, through Taylor and Francis. Our endeavours require sharing, communication, networking, and collaboration across disciplines. We, the ISDR, are here to facilitate and promote expertise, knowledge, and indispensable skills concerning diatoms.

The ISDR Council is elected by society members to:


1. Promote the ISDR by guiding our biennial symposium, our society journal Diatom Research, and furthering outreach to the public.

2. Improve equity, inclusivity, and representation at our symposia, encouraging diatomists from around the world and providing safe and welcoming meetings.

3. Increase the community of practitioners of marine, freshwater, modern and fossil diatoms across the range of disciplines of biology, geology, paleoecology, cell metabolism, cell biology, metabolomics, nanotechnology, forensics, systematics, nomenclature, taxonomy, and biogeochemistry.

4. Maintain and grow our society to include and support members from countries around the world. 

5. Support the professional development of all members, particularly graduate students and early career scientists through specific actions.

6. Continually seek new and innovative ways to improve communication among and services to our members and to increase the visibility of our science.