About the journal

Diatom Research is the journal of the International Society for Diatom Research.

The journal is published four times annually online and twice annually in print: the first two online issues are printed in May and the third and fourth in November. We welcome manuscripts on any aspect of freshwater and marine diatom biology, ecology and palaeoecology.

Since 2011 Diatom Research has been published by Taylor and Francis, having previously been published by Biopress. Online access to the complete archive of Diatom Research (beginning in 1986) is available to all members of the International Society for Diatom Research. Further information about Diatom Research, including instructions to authors and the contents for all volumes, can be found at the link below:

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Submitting papers to Diatom Research

For general papers, please use the “Instructions for Authors” as provided by Taylor & Francis. If you are writing a taxonomic paper for the journal, there are an additional set of instructions that you will need to consider. You can download a copy of these instructions here.

Editor in Chief

Dr Eileen Cox

Information regarding library / institutional subscriptions can be found here: https://www.tandfonline.com/pricing/journal/tdia20

ISSN: 0269-249X