November’s Diatom of the Month is you. Aka Diatoma readerii (Fig. 1). Figure 1. Diatoma readerii. In reality, blogger and co-editor Nick Schulte dressed as the diatom he wishes he could be (Chamaepinnularia cymatopleura). Note the white scale bar and plate-like, golden chloroplasts. This month we, the editorial board of DOM, want to ask you, […]

Nitzschia fenestralis

How do you define a new species of Nitzschia? An example from an Ethiopian crater lake Around 50 km south east of the hectic Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) is a group of maars – explosion crater lakes – surrounded by hotels on the lake edges and populated by people practicing water sports. Around 65 m below […]

Cyclotella paleo-ocellata

A palaeoecological tale of Cyclotella paleo-ocellata from Lake Kinneret.

Diatom blooms and their effects on human health

Humans have long benefited from algae in many ways; from breathing the oxygen released during photosynthesis or consuming algae and organisms that feed on algae, to using their components and extracts in everything from foods to fuels, medicines and cosmetics. However, as Paracelsus wisely said, “All things are poison, and nothing is without poison, the […]