November’s Diatom of the Month is you. Aka Diatoma readerii (Fig. 1). Figure 1. Diatoma readerii. In reality, blogger and co-editor Nick Schulte dressed as the diatom he wishes he […]

Nitzschia fenestralis

How do you define a new species of Nitzschia? An example from an Ethiopian crater lake Around 50 km south east of the hectic Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) is a group […]

Cyclotella paleo-ocellata

A palaeoecological tale of Cyclotella paleo-ocellata from Lake Kinneret.

Diatom blooms and their effects on human health

Humans have long benefited from algae in many ways; from breathing the oxygen released during photosynthesis or consuming algae and organisms that feed on algae, to using their components and […]