What is the IDS?

The International Diatom Symposium began as the “First Symposium on Recent and Fossil Marine Diatoms” in Bremerhaven, Germany in 1970 with 15 diatomists in attendance. The informal group decided to meet on a biennial basis with meetings moving to different venues across Europe. The group grew with each of the early meetings and came to recognize the need to include both marine and freshwater researchers at the symposium. At the fifth meeting of the group, the name was changed to reflect this; the “Fifth Symposium on Recent and Fossil Diatoms” was held in Antwerp, Belgium in 1978. The meeting eventually adopted the name “International Diatom Symposium” at the 1982 seventh meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. In 1986, at the Ninth International Diatom Symposium in Bristol, UK, the International Society for Diatom Research (ISDR) was formally established and has used the International Diatom Symposium to hold their biennial meetings of the Council and the Society.

The IDS continues as a biennial gathering of international diatomists with symposia venues proposed by members, subjected to member vote, and given final council approval. The Society has encouraged meetings beyond European and American venues; notable venues have included the first Asian meeting (Fourteenth International Diatom Symposium, in Tokyo, Japan), the first Australian meeting (Fifteenth International Diatom Symposium, in Perth, Australia), and a symposium held in Russia (Nineteenth International Diatom Symposium in Listvyanka, Russia).

Next IDS Venues

South Africa 2025

Who is the host? Jonathan Taylor, North-West University
Where? Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa
What venue? Nombolo Mdhluli Conference Centre
When? End of August 2025
What format? In person / virtual
Possible activities – Game drives, guided walks. Post conference outings include options fo wilderness trails (Lebombo Eco-Trail), mountain biking, 
horseback riding. (https://www.sanparks.org/tourism/activities/)
Website – TBA


Prague 2027

Who is the host? Katerina Kopalová, Charles University
Where? Prague, Czech Republic
What venue?
When? End of August 2027
What format? In person / online
Possible activities
Website – TBA

How to apply as IDS host

In order to apply as a future IDS host, the candidate needs to contact and apply to the ISDR Secretary/Council. The next step is to turn up at the following IDS – ISDR membership assembly to propose it, to be voted. To do this, a powerpoint or video file is needed to advertise it. Once the selection has been made, you can count on the support and expertise of the former conveners. A document on meeting practices is currently being created for further support. These will be found here.

Support for students

The ISDR will support a number of travel bursaries to enable student members of ISDR to attend and present at the International Diatom Symposium. The criteria which applicants must fulfill are:

  • Registered / paid student member of the ISDR
  • Abstract must be submitted and accepted for either an oral presentation or poster
  • Must have proof of being registered student
  • Priority given to students from low- and middle-income countries

Code of Conduct

The International Society for Diatom Research (ISDR) is a scientific society, which, through its members, has a duty in the public interest to provide a safe, productive and welcoming environment for all participants and attendees of our meetings and events.  This is regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, disability, pregnancy or maternity status  or marriage and civil partnership status in accordance with the UK Equality Act 2010, as well as other personal attributes and circumstances, for example, gender identity, career level, parental status and physical appearance.

This Code of Conduct applies to all participants (including members and non-members) in Society-related activities, including, but not limited to, attendees, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, staff, service providers, representatives to outside bodies, and applies in all ISDR activities, including ancillary meetings, events and social gatherings.

Recent Symposia

Japan 2023

Who is the host? Ric Jordan, Yamagata University
Where? Yamagata, Japan
What venue? TERRSA, Yamagata
When? 28th August – 2nd September 2023
What format? Virtual / in person / hybrid
Possible activities –  mid-conference and post-conference trips
Website: https://diatom.localinfo.jp/

IDS Logo

IDS Logo created by Kim Krahn

Online IDS 2021

Organizers: Shinya Sato, Andrea Burfeid-Castellanos, Xavier Benito-Granell, Chun Lian Li, Ric Jordan
When? 23rd – 25th 2021
Stats: delegates, talks, posters, 7 plenary talks, no proceedings
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HGL9ZQo06gkTHMsk1NOhte4rB71iaERa/view?usp=sharing

Logo IDS 25
25th International Diatom Symposium in Berlin

Organizers: Regine Jahn, Nélida Abarca, Wolf-Henning Kusber, Demetrio Mora, Lina Anh Tu Van, Jonas Zimmermann of the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum
Venue: Seminaris Hotel
When? 23rd – 30th 2018
Stats: 210 delegates, 43 countries, 83 talks, 100 posters, 6 plenary talks, two parallel sessions, 10 workshops, no proceedings
Link: https://www.bgbm.fu-berlin.de/sites/default/files/25th_international_diatom_symposium_berlin_2018_abstracts.pdf

24th International Diatom Symposium in Québec City

Organizers: Reinhad Pienitz, Claudia Zimmerman, Dermot Antoniades, Isabelle Lavoie, Emilie Saulneir-Talbot, Paul Hamilton from Laval University
Venue: Université Laval
When? 21st – 26th 2016
Stats: 189 delegates, 84 talks, 101 posters, 8 plenary talks, two parallel sessions, 5 workshops
Link: https://www.cen.ulaval.ca/ids2016/document/program_abstracts_IDS_2016.pdf

23rd International Diatom Symposium in Nanjing

Organizers: Xiangdong Yang, Bopin Han, Guangjie Chen, John Anderson, Lingyang Kong, Min Xu, Patrick Rioual, Qian Wnag, Quanzi Wang, Rang Wang, Xuhui Dong, Yahui Gao, Lei Yang, Yanjie Zhao, Yanling Li
When? September 7th – 13th 2014
Stats: 150 delegates, 18 countries, 60 talks, 46 posters, 5 plenary talks, no parallel sessions, no workshops, hardprint only, no proceedings

22nd International Diatom Symposium in Ghent

Organizers: Koen Sabbe, Bart Van de Vijver, Wim Vyverman
Venue: Aula Academica
When? August 26th – 31st 2012
Stats: 210 delegates, 97 talks, 130 posters, 9 plenary talks, two parallel sessions
hardprint only, no proceedings, no proceedings
Link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Wim-Vyverman/publication/294141510_22nd_International_diatom

21st International Diatom Symposium in St. Paul, Minnesota

Organizers: Matthew Julius, Mark Edlund) Julius, M.L. & Edlund, M.B.
When? August 29th – September 3rd 2010
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rv2tZgFLTGUC_2p5FgiKIPzdGR2KwGrt/view?usp=sharing


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The history of ISDR and IDS, and a summary of all symposia until the 25th IDS, have been compiled and published:
Edlund, M. B. and N. A. Andresen (2013). A brief history of the International Diatom Symposium. Phytotaxa 127: 6-9.http://dx.doi.org/10.11646/phytotaxa.127.1.4

Other Meetings of the ISDR Community

Winter solstice Meeting #3: December 21st 2023 at 11 pm UTC (news soon).

Winter solstice Meeting #2: December 21st 2022 at 11 pm UTC.

Winter solstice Meetings: December 21st 2020 at different times