Great news:
Young ISDR members with an active membership in ISDR, can get a 33% discount for Koeltz Botanical Books at any time they would like to order (not tied to conference offers).

You can also get a free book copy at any age if you write a proper book review  about one of the books of Koeltz editorial. Contact us, if you are interested and we will mediate contact details.

Finally, Koeltz will provide prizes for the Young ISDR activities in the future. Therefore, Koeltz is our first official sponsor.

Hannah Hartung and Per Koeltz agree on a 33% discount on Koeltz books for subscribed Young ISDR members (who are registered members of  ISDR) during the European Diatom Meeting in Luxembourg in 2019

How to:

If you are interested in acquiring a book via Young ISDR and you have an active membership at ISDR, write to us . After checking, we will put you in contact with the editorial and you will be able to buy a wonderful book with a 33% discount!