Links to local diatom associations, diatom collections and other useful resources are found here. Contact us to include your association, collection or other important link enhancing networking.  

Diatom collections

Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland is a collaborative project aiming to compile a web-based diatom flora and taxonomic review of diatoms from freshwater, brackish and subaerial habitats in the British Isles.

Diatoms of North America is a collaborative effort to discover and document the diversity of diatom species across North America. We aim to provide accurate information on diatom diversity, identification, ecology and geographic distribution.

Diatom databases

DiatomBase is an attempt to integrate the Catalogue of Diatom Names, and include names that have appeared since the Catalogue of Diatom Names was last updated (2011), as well as to include information about types, ecology, images, original descriptions and distributions.

This database contains images acquired as part of the ADIAC project (= Automatic Diatom Identification and Classification), which aims at developing a fully automated, unsupervised system for the identification of diatoms. As part of this, a large reference database is required which contains “standards” that each input specimen has to be compared against. Here, we are making these images available for public use, as they are obviously also useful as a supplementary identification aid.

AlgaeBase is a global database of information on algae that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms and gives information about taxonomy, nomenclature and distribution of algae.


Our ISDR discussion meetings are open to all.

Diatoms of North America is a collaborative effort to document the diversity of diatom species in North America. We aim to provide accurate information on diatom identification, ecology and distribution.

At the 1st meeting of Spanish speaking diatomists, it was agreed that a network of Spanish speaking diatomists will be founded. Find out more by clicking on the link!

The DutchFlemish Society of Diatomists (NVKD) was founded in 1986 and is the platform for Dutch speaking fans and researchers of diatoms. We represent both hobbyists and professionals.

CE-DiatoM is a regional platform of annual meetings of the Central European Diatomists held at different places additionally to the bi-annual meetings of the International Diatom Society. CE-DiatoM started 2007 and was preceded by the meetings of German Speaking Diatomists (DDT) which started 20 years earlier.

ADLaF is the French-speaking diatomist community. Information about the society can be found here: Martin Laviale (2021) A glance at the French-speaking diatomist community (ADLaF 2019 meeting), Botany Letters, 168:1, 3-5, DOI: 10.1080/23818107.2020.1779811

DIATOM-L is an electronic distribution list of researchers involved with diatom ecology, taxonomy, paleoecology, and other Bacillariophycean pursuits. Follow the link to subscribe (the archive is no longer active). Contact the listowner Dr. P. Roger Sweets directly in case of questions:

The NorBAF network is a cooperation of people working with freshwater benthic algae in the Nordic countries including Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and Poland. NorBAF is also organizing diatom intercalibrations.

The Diatom Taxonomic Certification Committee (TCC) is offering a free and recorded webinar series to introduce key topics concerning diatom biology and application of diatoms to environmental science. The presentations will be made by TCC members and guests and the sessions will allow time for feedback and discussion. JOIN US!

The PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and skill sets in order to give early-career researchers the tools to excel in their research fields. The PAGES ECN will aid in the dissemination of information, establish vital scientific networks, and foster the development of ideas that can lead to future research collaborations and improved job prospects.