DIATOM RESEARCH: A new fossil marine diatom genus from Jutland (early Eocene)

Early Eocene diatomites of Mors reveals a new member of the Corethrales.

2023 International Diatom Symposium

The 26th International Diatom Symposium (IDS26) will be held in Yamagata, Japan, from 28 August-2 September 2023. Mark your calendars and plan to join us!

ISDR Working Groups

The The ISDR includes working groups that accomplish goals of our society. Working groups include council members and are open to all society members. What group would you like to join?

DIATOM RESEARCH: Paralia flatoniana sp. nov., a new species from the late Eocene of Texas with discussion on ecology and initial valves

During the Eocene, Gulf of Mexico and volcanism to the west provided a temperate coastal nutrient-rich shelf environment favourable for Paralia.

In memory of René Le Cohu

The International Society for Diatom Research lost one of our esteemed members, René Le Cohu.

DIATOM RESEARCH: Determining geographical range and alien status in diatoms

Three case histories are used to define a series of criteria for establishing geographical range and alien status in diatoms and other microalgae.

DIATOM RESEARCH: On the enigmatic diatom Rhizosolenia dubia, its relationship to Pseudopyxilla and Proboscia, and description of a new species, Proboscia pinocchioi sp. nov.

Our results suggest that the Pseudopyxilla frustule is the resting spore of a yet, unknown diatom, while the ‘rhizosolenioid’ valve represents the vegetative phase of a new species,

DIATOM RESEARCH: Drivers predicting biodiversity and community assembly of benthic diatoms in a karst spring environment

Diatom composition in springs is only weakly influenced by distance from other springs.

DIATOM RESEARCH: Symmetric biraphid diatoms (largely non-Navicula) from the Laurentian Great Lakes

Light micrographs are provided for diatom taxa recorded in 207 samples from 106 wetlands, embayments, high-energy and deep, nearshore locales of the five Great Lakes.

Paul Hamilton Invites you to the Diatom Winter Solstice Meeting 2022!

'Twas some nights before Christmas, again! The Diatom Winter Solstice Zoom Party returns. Please register here.

Attention ISDR members

The following members have agreed to stand as candidates for election to the Council. You should have received a form via email. Return the voting form to the ISDR Secretary, Ingrid Jüttner (Ingrid.Juettner@museumwales.ac.uk), by Friday 21st October 2022. OR if you did not receive a form, contact us!

In memory of our friend and colleague Klaus Kemp

Klaus Kemp was a very gifted diatomist who produced wonderful arrangements of diatoms. This is the story of his life and memories of diatomists who became his friends and admired his skills and knowledge.

3rd German Intercalibration Exercise

The intercalibration exercise is aimed at laboratories as well as facilities, which professionally assess water quality based on benthic diatom analyses and other interested diatomists.

New Job opportunity

Job opportunities, networks and meetings to be found in the announcements pages.

In memory of our friend and colleague Luc Ector

Luc was the glue of so many lives and friendships in the diatom world; he was humble and always ready to help, no matter who. Always ready to tell a joke or a story to cheer someone up. The diatom community has lost one of its main, and most generous protagonists.