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LIST are looking for a skilled and highly motivated researcher with experience in freshwater ecology, monitoring and/or assessment, with a marked interest for the development of innovative approaches for biodiversity data collection and processing, and with a strong background in biodiversity data analysis.

You will be integrated in the BIODIV team whose experts will share their knowledge and know-how with him/her. As a member of the OCEB platform, you will contribute to the development of the team and regularly communicate on your work progress during both technical and scientific meetings.

 Your main missions will include:

  • Participate in R&D projects on biodiversity monitoring and assessment with a strong focus on freshwater ecosystems.
  • Carry out biodiversity inventories mainly in rivers and lakes, including sample collection and preparation.
  • Improve the collection and management of data needed for freshwater biodiversity monitoring programmes and contribute to the development of statistical analyses for such data.
  • Contribute to the development of innovative approaches for the processing and analysis of collected data and samples in different types of ecosystems (e.g., machine learning methods applied to microscopical images, eDNA metabarcoding applied to environmental samples).
  • Participate in the development of prototype devices for automated biodiversity data acquisition.
  • Participate in the delivery of advanced training courses on the taxonomy and ecology of freshwater organisms.
  • Contribute to the preparation of technical reports and oral/poster presentations.
  • Publish high-quality research articles in peer-reviewed international journals.
  • Generate and protect IP in the context of his/her research activities (e.g., patents, licences).
  • Attend international conferences.