You may remember that way back in May the Council provided an update on a number of Working Groups that had been formed to focus on various aspects of the Society in order to reflect on our mission, values, and engagement with our members.

One of the Working Groups was tasked with evaluating the needs of present and prospective members, and trying to understand how the ISDR can provide a better service to a wider group of diatom specialists and enthusiasts across all career stages. In order to achieve this aim, we circulated a short questionnaire via email to our members (only) last Friday.

The main aims of the questionnaire are to:

1) solicit your thoughts about the Society, and more importantly what you think the Society should provide into the future
2) ask how you, as a member, would like to – or have the capacity to – contribute to make the Society more visible, active and successful.

The questionnaire is deliberately short, and we have included a section at the end for open comments. We would very much value your comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions that relate to the future of our Society.

If you are an active member of the ISDR, please check your mail boxes and answer the questionnaire (link is provided in the email only!) until 21st October 2020. It will only take you a few minutes. THANKS.