At the 2018 annual meeting, a challenge to design a new logo for the society was announced. There were many entries, which were posted on the Young ISDR blog. The winning design was submitted by Lina Anh Van, and developed for use in web and print forms.

About Lina:

My interest in diatoms started during my Master’s studies at the Freie University in Berlin, when I joined the Diatoms Research Group (AG Diatomeen).  One of my duto photograph slides of diatoms that had been collected over the years. I was fascinated by their beauty. Eventually, I started my own project and focused on the phylogenetics of the diatom order Cymbellales. I expanded my research interests to green algae in soil crusts and I hope to work on terrestrial diatoms that live within soil crusts.

The idea behind the logo:

The natural harmonious shapes of diatoms inspired this design. Although diatoms come in all sorts of shapes, what form is more perfect than a circle? I originally thought to do a line drawing of Cyclotella, but decided to make it a more “generic” centric diatom to be more representative. As a logo, I wanted the design to be abstract, easy to reproduce and recognize, and most of all – pleasing to the eye. I am very grateful to those that helped critique and technically refine my original designs.