The new Young ISDR Team

Come and meet the new Young ISDR diatom guild

IDS Early Career Researcher, best oral presentation

Since the discovery of the Mediterranean Salt Giant, an exciting debate over fluctuation in salinity (did the Mediterranean completely desiccate?) and impact of the salinity crisis on marine eukaryotes has continued.

ECR Report of the IDS

This year´s IDS started with the first workshop, kindly given by the Early Career Researcher and Keynote, Dr. Kálmán Tapolczai from the Hungarian Bálaton Limnological Institute. After a thorough explanation […]

IDS – ECR Activities (and links)

What is planned for Yamagata IDS attending ECRs (also in hybrid form)? Short overview for you!

Flash presentations and speed talks! Hybrid Yamagata IDS Event

New hybrid activities during the Yamagata International Diatom Symposium : Flash Talks and Speed Talks!

Registration for Workshops and Speed Talks at the IDS in Yamagata are now open

The registration for the workshops and speedtalks are now open!

First announcement: Workshops for the IDS

Preliminary outlines for the IDS Workshops for ECRs and ISDR members.

ECR activities at the Yamagata International Diatom Symposium (August 28th to September 2nd 2023)

This year we plan workshops, speedtalks and networking events for Early Career Researchers. Take a look and please participate!

Characteristics and growth forms of diatom communities in restored rivers at the Emscher catchment

Diatom communities of the restored Emscher catchment do not change significantly within a year, but time of restoration has a significant effect on diatom abundance.

Functional and compositional responses of stream microphytobenthic communities to multiple stressors increase and decrease

Research investigating the effect of multiple stressors on microphytobenthos, mainly diatoms, and photosynthesis-related traits in both mesocosm experiments and fieldwork analyses.

Untangling the relationship between Rhopalodian diatoms and their nitrogen-fixing endosymbionts.

Short summary of the work done by Heidi on the relationship between Rhopalodian diatoms and endosymbionts.

Loggerhead sea turtle-associated epizoic vs. non-epizoic diatoms

Loggerhead sea turtles carry a vast number of microorganisms on their shells, including diatoms. Some of these diatoms are epizoic and cannot be found in the host’s environment, while others are considered to be non-epizoic opportunists.

Young ISDR review

We wanted to send through a quick email to update everyone on what has been happening over the past year. During the past 12 months, a lot has been going […]

Q&A recap

Dear all, On Friday, December the 3rd, we hosted a virtual Q&A session with the aim to provide young up and coming researcher the opportunity to ask any questions they […]

Q&A Session. Career in diatoms

  Save the date! On December 3rd we will have a Q&A all about a career in diatoms. When: Friday, December 3rd at 8h (EST), 13h (CET), 14h (CAT), 17:30n (IST) and […]