Diatoms in the plankton, narrated by Sir David Attenborough

Dr. Richard Kirby from the University of Plymouth has directed a documentary about “Ocean drifters”, which he is uploading into twitter (https://twitter.com/PlanktonPundit/status/1239966980532080640). See this sniplet (from minute 2:00) of Sir […]

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ECR collaborative project: Urban Algae

Urban Algae project was the last EFFS project lead by Susanne Stephan, Cleo N. Stratmann, Sonia Herrero Ortega and Mandy Velthuis. I interviewed them on December 2019 – January 2020. […]

Koeltz discount for ECR *ISDR* members!!!

Great news: Young ISDR members with an active membership in ISDR, can get a 33% discount for Koeltz Botanical Books at any time they would like to order (not tied […]

Book Review: Diatoms from the Antarctic Region

Antarctica remains in many ways a scientific frontier – its vast and unforgiving landscape belies the biological diversity present there. Within the transient freshwater and wet terrestrial habitats, diatoms manage to survive. In the last two decades, major strides have been made in describing the flora and fauna present in Antarctica. This book describes the nearly decade-long effort.

Did you know…?

Little nerd facts about diatoms