We wanted to send through a quick email to update everyone on what has been happening over the past year.

During the past 12 months, a lot has been going on behind the scenes with various meetings taking place for different aspects within the society. These include council meetings, IDS group meetings, ISDR council and future meetings and the organizing of the virtual IDS. A special thank you to each and everyone involved in leading, participating and contributing to each of these meetings and to the entire IDS organizing committee as well as Xavier Benito and Chunlian Li for their support. Thanks to all of you the meeting was a great success and so wonderful to catch up with everyone and see all the interesting talks and posters. And we got our new ECR representative, Anrich Kock, joining with a lot of new ideas and a tireless energy.

For instance, we ended the year with a special general meeting to transfer the ISDR to CIO and a virtual Q&A event (thank you to Andrea Burfeid Castellanos for all your support).

The ISDR website was also very active this year with 2 book reviews, 8 diatoms of the month post, coordination of the IDS, 6 news posts, 22 job postings and 13 meeting postings.

We encourage everyone to join/renew your ISDR membership as this presents you with numerous benefits, including a subscription to the Diatom Research journal, 30% discount from Koeltz, the possibility to review a book and then keep it afterwards (all reviews posted in the Young ISDR blog), networking and joining diatomist from all corners of the world, and you can join us and create even more content for the society.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for a successful and exciting year. Thank you so much for everyone’s contribution, participation and attendance, the society will not be what it is without each one of you. Also thank you to the council members for all your hard work and dedication. And lastly, thank you very much to the YISDR core team for all your hard work and support.

I wish everyone a fantastic holiday and a happy new year. Looking forward to the year 2022 and all the exciting activities we have in store.

Best Wishes

Young ISDR Core Team